May 5, 2016: The Tribune – Now, overhead water tanks to be tinted with graffiti

Apr 10, 2016: The Times of India – Workshops on street art, modular homes big draw

Mar 31, 2016: Free Speech Radio News – Slideshow: Delhi Street Art Festival makes its mark on the Indian capital

Mar 6, 2016: The Statesman – Writings on the wall

Dec 20, 2015: The Tribune – Bohemian walls

Be it to protest the Paris attack with paintbrush or spray colour in the dull streets of our cities, art expressed through wall graffiti is gaining popularity

Dec 15, 2015: Indiatimes – This Indian Artist Visited Pakistan To Draw Graffiti On Fearlessness And It’s Beautiful

Dec 8, 2014: The Indian Express – Guess Who Says It

‘Guesswho’, an enigma, turned heads last Biennale with eye catching graffiti that doubles up as social commentary and is set to make a comeback this year too.

Dec 6, 2014: The Times of India – Artist(s) Anonymous…

Graffiti by an unknown artist (artists?) on the walls of Fort Kochi remind us what real art should be: Demotic, cross-cultural, transient, artisanal, unpretentious and, not least, eponymous

Dec 5, 2014: The Hindu – The elusive artist

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May 9, 2014: BBC News India – In pictures: India Election Graffiti

Aug 2, 2014: The Times of India – Doon walls get arty

Jul 6, 2014: The Indian Express – It’s Raining Art

The piece has half a real umbrella nailed to a wall near Rizvi College, with a black-and-white paste-up of the two actors under it.

Apr 7, 2014: BBC News Asia – ‘India’s Banksy’ wants to provoke voters

Apr 6, 2014: The Huffington Post – India’s First Street Art Fest and the Largest Gandhi Portrait Ever

Mar 19, 2014: The Hindu – India’s longest mural adorns Tihar Jail

Mar 2, 2014: The Hindu – Tihar Jail’s brush with colours

Jail authorities have roped in art students, graffiti artists to paint its wall

Feb 27, 2014: BBC News India – Indian street art festival gives a facelift to Delhi

A number of neighbourhoods in the Indian capital, Delhi, are getting a colourful facelift thanks to a unique street art festival, reports Govind Dhar.

Feb 16, 2014: TheNational – Gandhi, Tihar Jail and police headquarters get caught up in Delhi’s street art festival

Dec 30, 2013: Aljazeera – Walls that speak: India’s campus graffiti

A peek into thriving public art in New Delhi based Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Nov 21, 2013: The Times of India – Say it with colours

A handful of young graffiti artists are making their presence felt in Kolkata. TOI chats them up.

Oct 10, 2013: The Times of India – Artists bring Saket mall’s parking alive with graffiti

May 10, 2013: Hindustan Times – Graffiti and Street Art have arrived

May 08, 2013: The Hindu – Making an urban splash

Harshini Vakkalanka takes stock of the recent upsurge of artistic activity in public spaces in Bangalore.

Apr 15, 2013: The Indian Express – New wall of fame

Mar 19, 2013: India Today – Writing on the Wall

A new breed of artists is taking their canvases to public spaces.

Mar 03, 2013: BBC News India – Afghan graffiti artist makes her mark in India

A budding young Afghan graffiti artist has found refuge in the western Indian city of Mumbai after she received threats from the Taliban for drawings she did in her home town of Kandahar. The BBC Hindi’s Zubair Ahmed reports.

Feb 24, 2013: The Telegraph – Writing on the Wall

Jan 16, 2013: The Times of India – Art on Walls: Graffiti artists gain impetus

Nov 03, 2012: Hindustan Times – The new walls of fame

A new breed of Indian artist is reaching out to the masses by exhibiting  art in unorthodox public spaces — this, despite numerous official hurdles. Indian street art, has, in recent years, been developing in scope and relevance with groups like Hulchul and Bind Boys and graffiti artists like Daku, Yantra, and Zine taking art away from galleries and museums and splashing it onto city walls.

Oct 20, 2012: The Hindu – The Writing on the Wall

There are three kinds of graffiti in Delhi – one needs to be preserved, the second prevented and the third encouraged.

Sep 16, 2012: The Tribune – See the writing on the wall

Underground art movement, aka graffiti, has evolved from vandalism, political and commercial propaganda to an art form in India.

Aug 18, 2012: The Economic Times – Cans & Roses: Guerrilla artists on Indian street

Jul 20, 2012: The Hindu – Hide and Paint

They do break a law, but does that make them criminals? Three graffiti artists tell Shailaja Tripathi that their expression on the city’s walls is as much for its residents as it is for them.

Jun 10, 2012: The Mid-day

That writing on the wall is not graffiti – It takes nothing to pick a wall in Mumbai and paint it red ” to make a social statement, humourous cartoons or even as a company’s corporate social responsibility initiative. While most people label this ‘graffiti’, the real, underground graffiti artists beg to differ.

Mar 10, 2012: The Times of India – Graffiti doesn’t vandalize, it purifies

German artists recently painted across walls in Bangalore, leaving behind colours and the central question: should India have graffiti just because it’s cool in the West?

Feb 17, 2012: India Today – Graffiti artists desecrate Mahatma Gandhi’s image on loo wall in Delhi

Jan 21, 2012: The Hindu – Writing on the Wall

Taking off from the hip-hop culture, graffiti writers make their presence felt in cities across the country.

Aug 13, 2011 – The Times of India – Big boys only spray at night

If London has the famed Banksy, Delhi has Daku, Zine and Yantra. Graffiti artists are busy painting the capital red.

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