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Street art @ Reay Road

By Sudha Ganapathi – Jul 26, 2014

There I was travelling in a Harbour Line local train that hot April afternoon.

I had just woken up from a short nap when the train halted at Cotton Green station. I was still drowsy when the train crossed the beautiful drinking water fountain (that I always look out for whenever I travel by train on this route) just before Reay Road station. I noted that the water fountain was there, a little more decrepit than ever before, a little more lonelier and a… wait a minute… what was the flash of colour on the wall behind the fountain? It looked like graffiti, but I couldn’t be sure.The train had already crossed that patch and was slowing down for its Reay Road station halt.


The Emerging Wallflowers of Street Art in India

By Bhavani – Jul 05, 2014

Unlike countries where street art is infamous, public walls in India get commissioned face-lifts by artists working with Government authorities.

Around 5 years ago, the walls in our cities were covered only with random posters, paan stains, and trails of urine. But that’s changed. Today, you will see art squashed between posters, stains and hawkers; fighting for their space in the sunshine. This modern art form, if I can call it that, stands on the razor’s edge — to one side it is vandalism and to the other it’s about art, conversation, and dialogue.


Srek interviews Zake – Graffiti pioneer in Mumbai

Q. What do you write and why do you write that name?

A. I write ‘ZAKE’ but didn’t really start writing with that name. I wrote something else before and i still tag with that name a lot but can’t disclose it. There’s no specific reason why i write zake ..the only thing i like about my name is the kind of letters i’m getting to play with. The ‘Z’ in the beginning is just amazing’s the letter i always wanted to start my name with..the other 3 letters are also