Srek interviews Snik – The godfather of graffiti in Kolkata

Snik is a renowned graffiti artist from Kolkata, India. He is also known by other artists as the “Godfather” of graffiti in Kolkata!!







Q. What do you write & why do you write that name?

A. Snik – because I like it!

Q. How & why did you get into street art? When was it?

A. I got into it by observing the graffiti culture when I was in Australia & also because I love the hip hop culture.

IMG-20130409-WA0010-255x255.jpg (255×255)

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Around 2005

Q. Where did you begin making art in the streets?

A. My first piece was in Malviya Nagar, Delhi – Hall of fame wall.

Q. What crew(s) are you in? How many of you are there and when was it formed?

A. No crew I fly solo.

Snik-Shock-Elek2-Docomo-bombed-@-Kolkata-2013-1-255x255.jpg (255×255) 

Q. How did you develop such good technical painting and drawing skills?

A. Practice, practice, practice. 

Q. What were your thoughts when you picked your 1st can? What’s the most difficult aspect of graffiti in your opinion?

A. The first thought- “Ummm damn this is cool”; Characters definitely.

Snik-Piece-@-Salt-Lake-City-Kolkata-2013-255x255.jpg (255×255)

Q. Who inspires you now? How do you stay creative & what keeps you going?

A. People like, Mad c , Ewok… I stay creative by observing life around me. My love for street art keeps me going.

Q. How do you pick your locations? Do you ask for permission or go for guerilla art? How do you go about it?

A. The walls pick me. If it’s private property, I ask for permission. I go up to them and introduce myself as an artist.

Snik-White-Cacti-@-Kolkata-255x255.jpg (255×255)

Q. Would you like to share some tips and tricks?

A. Always have a sketch done.

Q. Tell me about the most memorable art you have done.

A. A huge piece at Patuli which took me 3 days to finish.

Q. Tell me about one artwork that failed after much preparation and that left you disappointed.

A. One of my pieces I did when I was drunk. The outlines were everywhere haha!

530517_10152195584985400_1704753439_n-255x255.jpg (255×255)

Q. Have you been to jail? If so, why? If not, why not?

A. Nah. I’m not into vandalizing.

Q. Have you collaborated with any artists recently? Who & what work has come out of it?

A. I & Shock have been doing stuff around; Plenty of nice collabos.

IMG-20130409-WA0003-255x255.jpg (255×255)

Q. Have you been to any other city/country where you did graffiti? How was your experience there?

A. Sydney… a few in Delhi ,Kolkata and of course a few tags here and there.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. Planning to b a doctor… NOT!

Q. You have been to London for learning art. How was your experience there? What difference did you find in the painting styles there and here?

A. Painting in India I must say is so much more fun than abroad because graffiti is largely accepted here be it advertising, political or art… Whereas abroad it’s vandalizing and there are cctv’s everywhere.

Q. Any message for other artists?

A. Keep growing your skills.

IMG-20130409-WA0005-255x255.jpg (255×255)

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