Srek interviews NME – Graffiti artist from Mumbai

NME is a graffiti artist from Mumbai, India.
Q. What do you write and why do you write that name?
A. I write “ENEMY” as my graffiti tag name, actually i used to write the name as “ENEMY” before but now I made an acronym to it as “NME”. And now talking about the reason why I selected this name is very personal but I can tell you that the name denotes a very close connection with my Emotions.
Q. How and why did you get into street art? When was it?
A. I was invited by a crew “SlumGods” to do an art for them (SlumGods is a hip-hop crew). the invitation was given to me on the basis of my art designs. So you can say that I went into street art just to “ENJOY” Me. It’s been One and half year since i started with Street art.
Q. How would you describe your style?
A. Since last One and half year i have been doing street art and leaving Wild Style I have tried rest of many Style types and Throw ups is my favorite out of them all and yes as am a keen learner I want to learn the Wild Style as well.
Q. How did you develop such good technical painting and drawing skills?
A. Actually I am doing commercial “Arts Course” since 2 years so I had already been in to the creative field before getting into the Street Art hence the In depth technical knowledge about the Art & Design work was already there. And one more reason I have these qualities is may be my father’s Genes …
Q. What crew(s) are you in? When and how was it formed?
A. Currently I am in Slum Gods crew. I joined this India’s group last year as I said. Basically the crew was formed at Dharavi Slum in the year 2009 to find out the hip-hop talent from slums. Initially the group was made of just 2 main artists 1.B-Boy Akku 2.Hira. and now the group members are spreaded all over India.
NME-Piece-@-Ray-Road-Mumbai-2013-255x255.jpg (255×255)
Q. Who inspires you now? How do you stay creative, what keeps you going?
A. First of all The Pencil, Paper and the colors are my tools to express my feelings and Creativity but when comes to the inspiration then it has always been Nature, Awful Art. By looking at any creative Arts or design I try to find the hooks in them and correct them and this way stay creative (And this applies to my art too) and the peace I get after completion of every Art is what keeps me going……
Q. How do you pick your locations? Do you ask for permission or do guerilla art? How do you go about it?
A. If I want to draw an art at a place where the permission is required then do take permission and do the Art work, when someone approaches me for the art then the place is already there with them…Apart from all these we generally go to some abandoned areas in Mumbai and do our work.
Q. Would you like to share some tips and tricks?
A. From my personal learning’s of 1 and half years I would suggest each and every artist to scribble the Piece on the paper till you get perfectly right and the most important thing is don’t through up the rough work done as they are the most important reference points for you in the future.
Q. Tell me the story about the most memorable art that you’ve done?
A. Once we were doing the graffiti on my building wall, the graffiti was a cartoon character of Cantwo – the graffiti Artist with one of my friend graffiti artist Ziro. we started doing that graffiti at midnight 12’Oclock and it took me 2O’clock at night and I remember the each and every scolding’s from my family and and the peace I got after the completions of it.
Q. Tell me about one artwork that failed after much preparation that left you disappointed?
A. Once I was doing graffiti at sea-woods, Navi Mumbai with fully prepared and a perfectly sketched Graffiti on paper but when actually did the graffiti on wall I really SUCKED!! So badly that I couldn’t even sleep at night I later realized that I am really bad at splash work.
922965_365925603528568_410689420_n.jpg (640×480)
Q. With whom was your last collaboration? What work has come out of it?
A. My last collaborative work was with my Artist friend Ziro at Reay-road, Mumbai. Actually we were there to create our individual work but at some point of time when ever he wanted help i helped him in color combinations and borders and vice versa.
Q. What are your future plans?
A. To grow the graffiti culture.
Q. Any message to other artists?
A. Keep up the good work and keep bombing … \m/ PEACE \m/
Q. Have you been to jail? If so, why? If not, why not?
A. Once we were doing the piece at Nerul Sector-4 Navi Mumbai (This one was illegal) we were in a group with 4 artists 3 boys and 1 girl. We were almost done with the Graffiti and all of a sudden cops came at the location to check out what we were doing, we were all stunned and scared for the moment as the work we were doing was illegal. But when the cop saw the girl artist doing the Art work he was shocked and he appreciated the work we were doing even though it was illegal…so this was the closest I have been to go to jail….
Q. Best hustle you ever pulled?
A. Once we had done a throw up on a wall in 30 minutes that was really awesome… It was my one of the hustled & bustled Art work.

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