Six most compelling articles that capture the graffiti scene in India

We thought it would be a good idea to write a link roundup of the most interesting articles on the internet that capture the trend of graffiti scene in India. Here it goes…

The new walls of fame – Hindustan Times

Photo courtesy of Hindustan Times

An article by Srishti Jha which describes the onset of the graffiti and street art culture in India as spirited artists turn city walls into open art galleries.

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The street artist named Daku – Little Black Book Delhi

Photo courtesy of Little Black Book Delhi

Sakhshi Mahajan narrates Daku’s story – how he’s defining graffiti the Indian way through his pioneering style.

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The writing is on the wall… – nh7

Photo courtesy of nh7, Nayan Shan, Shalaka Pai

This article by Siddhant Mehta is based on the thrilling night of Daku in Mumbai as he stencil sprays an intriguing word around the city to give  the Mumbaikars an unusual surprise the next morning.

Big boys only spray at night – TOI, Crest Edition

Photo coutesy of TOI, Crest Edition

The graffiti scene in Delhi led by the protagonists Daku, Zine & Yantr told like a suspense thriller by Kim Arora.

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Writing on the wall – IndiaToday

Photo courtesy of IndiaToday

A well rounded article by Gayatri Jayaraman which features a variety of popular Indian artists with their own styles and initiatives, operating in different parts of India to complete their mission – taking forward the street art trend in India.

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Writing on the wall – The Telegraph

Photo courtesy of The Telegraph, Rashbehari Das

Mohua Das narrates the emerging trend of street art in Calcutta. She talks about the young brigade of artists who are rocking the streets of Calcutta!

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